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Mark your calendars and brace yourselves—Alma Rosales is back in ROUGH TRADE, out next spring. Preorder the novel today!

After destroying all evidence of their opium-smuggling operation in Port Townsend, Alma Rosales and Delphine Beaumond have set up shop in Tacoma, where the risk is high but the profits are higher. Now living full-time as Jack Camp, Alma and her new crew manage the flow of opium down the West Coast.

Then two local men end up dead, with all signs pointing to the opium trade, and a botched effort to disappear the bodies draws lawmen to town. Alma scrambles to keep them away from her operation but is distracted by the surprise appearance of Bess Spencer—an ex-Pinkerton's agent and Alma's first love—after years of silence. A handsome young stranger comes to town too, and falls into an affair with one of Alma's crewmen. When he starts asking questions about opium, Alma is forced to consider whether she's welcomed a spy into her inner circle, and how far she'll go to protect her trade.

Katrina Carrasco plunges readers back into the vivid, rough-and-tumble world of The Best Bad Things in Rough Trade, exploring reimagined queer communities, the turbulent early days of modern media and medicine, and the pleasures—and price—of satisfying desire.

It's been another wonderful year mentoring with the Latinx in Publishing program! Congratulations to my mentee Robin St. Clare for all your work this year. The end-of-program reading is coming up -- join us to celebrate this year's class of mentees!

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

This year, I was part of the inaugural Latinx in Publishing mentorship program, where published Latinx writers mentor others who are building their writing careers. I really loved working with my mentee, and I'm excited to share this reading, which celebrates the work of all the mentees this year. Congratulations to the LxP class of 2020!

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