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Spoken Words No. 27, via Wyoming Public Media

“Feminist, queer, fun, The Best Bad Things is an historical crime novel whose main character, Alma, is an ex-detective who goes undercover to infiltrate a Port Townsend, WA smuggling ring. But what she’s really up to becomes one of the central mysteries of the book.”

The Desk Set: Read a Book by an LGBTQ+ Author

Katrina joins librarians Emily Calkins and Britta Barrett to talk about queer visibility, blurring gender and genre expectations, research, and more, on this King County Library podcast.

The Liars Club Oddcast No. 103

Katrina joins hosts Jon McGoran, Keith Strunk, Merry Jones and Greg Frost to discuss the origin of ideas, research for historical fiction, and writing about gender, sexuality, and social roles.

"Opium and Identity: A 19th Century Woman Battles Crime and Convention," via The Big Thrill

A review and author interview by Neil Nyren.

"Walking the Same Streets: Mapping 1880s Port Townsend," via MCD Books

A guided walking tour of Port Townsend, which matches key sites in THE BEST BAD THINGS to their modern-day locations in the town.

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