Falling into blue water, so cold it glows.


A text/art collaboration with Marie-Noëlle Deverre.

The Fields

The ranch-house cook tries a different job.

The Edge

Slip Jig

1875. Two minutes to fight time: a bare-knuckle boxing match with an unlikely fighter.

The Night Job

1877. Guilt and revenge on the Portland docks.


1886. On a winter midnight, the lumberman's blade has its first taste of blood.

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The Real-Life LGBT Outlaws of the American West and Writing Queerness Back into Historical Fiction

A look into the research process for THE BEST BAD THINGS.

The Cheerful Sinners of the Pacific Northwest's Wildest City

Historic Port Townsend: Just five miles from hell.

Relearning How to Dress Myself from the Closet I Came Out Of

An essay about coming out later in life and finding the space to explore a more masculine presentation.

The Pugnacious Outlaw Women Behind My Protagonist

From Hellcat Maggie to The Great Sandwina, eight women who defied their era.

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