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Fundraiser for Families Seeking Asylum

Get a writing critique and help reunite families separated at the border. (Please read the full post for rules and instructions.)

The Trump administration is committing acts of terror by separating children from their parents at the Mexico-U.S. border. There are many organizations currently working to reunite families or otherwise provide assistance to asylum seekers: some Texas-based organizations include Neta, LUPE, the Texas Civil Rights Project, and RAICES Texas. 100 percent of the money raised by this fundraiser will go to the RAICES #FreeOurFamilies Family Reunification and Bond Fund.

Here is a description of the #FreeOurFamilies fund from the RAICES website:

"Parents separated from their children at the border (and other immigrants placed in detention) can't get released from ICE custody to reunite with their families until they pay the full amount of their immigration bond. Bonds are set at a MINIMUM of $1,500, and are usually in the range of $5-10K, even for asylum seekers without any criminal history. Unlike in the criminal system, bail bond companies either do not help people in immigration proceedings or impose very strict requirements, like private ankle monitors (which families have to pay to "rent"). Donate to our fund to directly support legal services for detained separated parents and the direct funding for bonds to get parents released."

Make a donation of $25 and I will give you a first-5-pages critique, including in-line edit suggestions and an overall edit letter.


Donate $25 to the RAICES #FreeOurFamilies fund directly here and send me a screenshot of your donation.


At this time, I'm capping critiques at 20 to make sure I can get to each person's pages and spend quality time on edits and suggestions. Please get in touch with me using the contact form on my website before donating to make sure I still have spots available.


I'm a debut novelist with 6+ years of editing experience. I'm a PitchWars 2017 mentor and I have an M.F.A. in Fiction, with extensive professional and volunteer experience with critiquing.


Step 1: Contact me here to check that I have critiques available.

Step 2: If I have critiques available, I'll send you an email.

Step 3: Make your donation to RAICES Texas via the link above and then email me the screenshot of the finalized payment, along with your pages. The completed donation secures your spot for a critique.


Your first five pages should be formatted in professional manuscript style: double-spaced, 1-inch margins, 12-point font.

Any other questions? Let me know via my contact page. And thank you for supporting families at the border. Children belong with their parents, international law guarantees safety -- not persecution -- to asylum seekers, and all people deserve respect and humane treatment.

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